Motorbike Hire / Motorbike Rental in Ubud Bali

One of the most easiest way to explore Ubud Bali is Renting a motorbike or scooter in Ubud, with motorbike or scooter we can go even in traffic jam, But before you start on it make sure you are skilled on riding a motorbike or scooter and have a valid international driver license. Always use helmet during riding the motorbike or scooter. If you don't have international driver license or Indonesian driver license (SIM) you can make it in Bali at Denpasar Police office with showing your home driving license and your passport/visa.

Bike Hire in Ubud

Rental rate of motorbike hire in Ubud Bali is start from Rp. 50,000 ( $ 4 ) per day for daily rental, more days rental will be cheaper. Rental rate not include Fuel, you can get fuel at Petrol station around Ubud or buy at side road in a bottle. Fuel for motorbike or scooter is Premium, Pertalite or Pertamax. 1 liter of Premium is around Rp. 7,500, 1 liter of Pertalite around Rp. 9,000 and 1 liter of Pertamax is around Rp. 10,000
Delivery service to Hotel or accommodation in Ubud Center is include on rental rate. Location for free delivery in Ubud is : Ubud Main Road (Jalan Raya Ubud), Jalan Hanoman, Jalan Sukma, Br. Taman Kelod and Br. Taman Kaja, Kutuh Kelod, Jl. Kajeng, Padangtegal, Jl. Goutama, Jl. Sugriwa, Jl. Jembawan, Jl. Dewi Sita and place near Central of Ubud, Jl. Sweta, Sambahan, Jl. Bisma, Tegalantang, Kutuh Kaja, Sanggingan, Pengosekan, Peliatan.
Out of that area will be charge for delivery and pick up depending on distance from our office.

Insurance is for Motorbike or Scooter only, NOT for the renter or third party. Accident, damage or thievery of Motorbike or scooter and any part of it will be the customers own liability up to USD. 200.00
Check all part of Motorbike or scooter and take picture all damage part of the Motorbike or scooter before you start riding it. 

What to bring to make the contract of Motorbike Rental in Ubud:
We need a copy passport / ID card and driver license. We can make copy in our office or take picture of your passport and driver license, bring the Hotel/accommodation name card to make sure where you are stay in Ubud.

Select and compare all available of the Motorbike or scooter at Ubud Motorbike Rental and test drive to make sure you fit on it. Always wear the Helmet.

Honda Vario Honda Scoopy FI Honda Vario Techno 125 Honda Vario eSP 150
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