Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of renting a motorbike / scooter at Ubud Motorbike Rental: 

1. Have an international driving license or Indonesian Driver License (SIM), required when there are checks by police, without the international driving license means have to pay a fines. (around Rp. 100,000) Sometimes more expensive. Always use a helmet when riding a scooter or motorbike

2. Have an experience on riding a motorbike / scooter before

3. Our motorbike / scooter can be used in Bali only, if you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring scooter or motorbike in each island.

4. Motorbike / scooter should not lend to other person

5. Fuel when renting and returning to be the same and non refundable for your leftover fuel. The fuel for Scooter or Motorbike is PREMIUM / PERTALITE / PERTAMAX

6. Motorbike / scooter rental rates include insurance (for scooter or motorbike only, not to the renter or third party) Accident damage or thievery of scooter or motorbike any part of it will be the customers own liability up to USD. 200.00

7. Flat tire of motorbike / scooter is the responsibility of renter. Repairing inner tube usually around Rp. 15,000-20,000 but if the tube are ripped it should be replaced and the cost around Rp. 50,000. check the motorbike / scooter tires before renting, don't accept if the tire in bad condition.

8. Motorbike / scooter delivery service in Ubud area only, extra charge will added for delivery and pick up service if your hotel location out of our service area in Ubud

9. Non refundable for cancellation or early return. 

For more information please contact us